About Us

Founded in 1950 by Jak Saftekin, a visionary who predicted Turkey will become a major player in textiles in the near-future, Roja designs and produces embroidery and lace for lingerie, ready to wear, children’s wear and home textiles.

We are a 100% family run business, boasting 67 years of commitment to excellence in design, quality and price, serving our customers with two companies:

Roja Embroidery and Roja Lace.

We have two  state-of-the-art facilities located in Istanbul, a close-proximity from most European and MENA textile hubs.

Our technology complements our in-house design team, who continuously designs new collections for customers ranging from high-end to high-street fashion.

We work with leading local manufacturers, exporters and brands, have close ties with global retail groups; therefore, accessibility is crucial for our business.  

In addition to our agency network, we have invested in new technologies to enable our customers to view designs, request samples and process orders - all online. 


We aim to provide our customers with the most innovative designs in impeccable quality aT competıtıve prices and with versatile customer service solutions.



67 Years of Passion, Tradition & Innovation 


Roja archives

1950 - 1966

Founded in 1950 by Jak Saftekin, Roja initially started its services by selling warp knit laces produced with two Karl Mayer machines. 

Roja archives

1966 - 1996

In 1966 Roja added embroidery to its product range and in a short period, became a renowned brand in high-quality fashion embroidery and lace in the Turkish market. 

1996 - 2017

In 1996 a new joint venture production facility was formed with Bischoff Textile St. Gallen in Istanbul: Bischoff Roja. For 20 years Roja embroideries were supplied under the Bischoff Roja brand. In 2017, with 50 years of embroidery experience, Roja decided to move forward in the embroidery business on its own and now serves its customers with two companies: Roja Embroidery and Roja Lace.

Creation, production and distribution of high-quality fashion embroidery & lace.

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